Sex shops, produce and getting by in Beirut

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A Bahraini woman is set to appear in court this month on charges she insulted a Customs officer during an argument over the import of sex toys and paraphernalia.

Khadija Ahmed opened her shop in 2008 to sell lingerie, sex aids and games. “The products I sell don’t go against Islam. There is nothing that prohibits married couples from enjoying their sex lives, or preventing them from having a happy marriage,” she told the Gulf Daily News.

Word up Khadija. At least you had the opportunity to offer Bahrainis some options. In Lebanon, sex shops are banned. This comes in stark contrast to a country like the US, where you can get pleasure toys anywhere from Wal-Mart to 7-Eleven and CVS.

But really… I’m not willing to believe that most women in this country get by *without* a little help from stimulatory aids. I came across this article on homemade sex toys, written for couples interested in cranking up the “fun factor” in the bedroom. Sadly, in Lebanon, I’m guessing the “produce penetration” method is more likely out of necessity than amusement.


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