Month: August 2010

There was not one, but two separate incidents involving kidnappings in Lebanon yesterday. The Lebanese army rescued two Polish tourists who were kidnapped by members of the Jaafar family in Baalbek. One of the Jaafar boys was killed during the rescue operation. And in South Lebanon, a woman and her two children were kidnapped and […]

The document has not been made public yet, but according to Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN Haim Waxman, UNIFIL’s report says Lebanon is to blame for the deadly clash that broke out in Aadaiseh along the southern border on August 3. A preliminary UN report already blamed the Lebanese army for the incident, but […]

Right-wing nut job and TV pundit Glenn Beck managed to rally tens of thousands of people to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Saturday for what some are calling an anti-Obama demonstration. Click here for pics from the rally. I haven’t taken Beck and crew very seriously, but it seems clear now that there is […]

Some of Israel’s top fundamentalist rabbis gathered on August 18 to defend a guidebook written by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira on the killing of non-Jews. The book Torat Ha’Melech or the King’s Torah was published last year. As Max Blumenthal writes in AlterNet, there are passages that say non-Jews are “uncompassionate by nature” and should be […]

She feels powerless, vulnerable to violent outbursts, short on cash, and in need of some serious backup. Lebanon is done with casual encounters and flirty affairs, she is seeking a stable bedfellow who is ready to commit to supporting her during these precarious times. Prospective partners Syria and Iran have responded with provocative offers. Tehran […]

In the 1970’s, American musician Lloyd Miller travelled to Iran to research Persian music. He worked to integrate the sounds of the oud with jazz music and came up with this…