Wanted: Vulnerable country seeks stable bedfellow

(Photo via dailymail.co.uk)

(Photo via dailymail.co.uk)

She feels powerless, vulnerable to violent outbursts, short on cash, and in need of some serious backup.

Lebanon is done with casual encounters and flirty affairs, she is seeking a stable bedfellow who is ready to commit to supporting her during these precarious times.

Prospective partners Syria and Iran have responded with provocative offers.

Tehran promises to light up Lebanon’s world, and provide stable support and attention.

Syria is reportedly eager to defend Lebanon’s red-headed stepchild, and even managed to lure Prime Minister Saad Hariri into meeting for a late-night rendezvous earlier this week.

But not to be outdone, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be planning to sneak in a visit to Beirut for some one-on-one time in the near future.

The search for the right partner is not going to be easy. Lebanon’s been through some tough affairs that she’d rather forget. So for now, she’s courting both sides and keeping just enough distance not to give anyone the impression that she’s ready to just jump into bed when things get rough.

Wanted: Vulnerable country seeks stable bedfellow. I am an open-minded smoker with a beautiful topography. Some have compared me to Elizabeth Taylor. I’m really in to the party scene and not averse to sugar daddies.

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