Month: September 2010

I’m having one of those days: didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night, a lot of tedious but necessary errands to run today and awwwww man, is it Friday yet!? So yeah, I’m feeling all in a funk and then I find this video footage put together by a guy named Hani Samaha from a […]

Oh, the memories. On September 18, former General Security chief Jamil as-Sayyed was escorted by Hezbollah bodyguards from the Rafik Hariri International Airport. But decades earlier, Sayyed himself was a bodyguard. In this video – taken in the mid 1970’s – you can see him as a young army officer protecting Kataeb Party founder Pierre […]

Here’s a new one for you: are you an eco-sexual? Author Stefanie Iris Weiss coins the term in her new book, Eco-Sex: Go green between the sheets and make your love life sustainable. The basic idea: every aspect of your personal life has an impact on the environment and your overall health. The author advises […]

Last week, US President Barack Obama stood on the podium of the UN General Assembly and made a direct appeal to Israel, asking the country to extend its moratorium on settlement building in the occupied West Bank. Israel ignored him.

It is no coincidence that a controversial ad produced in 2008 by Lowe Mena is again making the rounds on the Internet. With each new day, the inflammatory rhetoric – which includes a deliberate effort by Hezbollah and March 8 alliance members to overthrow the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), and perhaps even the government […]

Easily the quote of the day, if not the week: “Israel showed the international community on Tuesday that the country is ruled by a circus, not a responsible government with a policy.” That quote came from Aluf Benn, who writes in Haaretz newspaper today that “Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is making a liar out […]