MidEast failing at Eco-Sex

(Photo via mmn.com)

(Photo via mmn.com)

Here’s a new one for you: are you an eco-sexual? Author Stefanie Iris Weiss coins the term in her new book, Eco-Sex: Go green between the sheets and make your love life sustainable.

The basic idea: every aspect of your personal life has an impact on the environment and your overall health. The author advises wearing eco-friendly (bamboo) underwear, using recyclable sex toys and seeking out dating sites for the environmentally conscious.

But guess who gets busted, according to this article, for failing in the eco-sex department?

The Middle East……………………………. shocker, right?

You know, we’ve got a population boom in the region, and more children means an additional strain on resources. Weiss apparently recommends having fewer kids, and considering other alternatives to baby breeding, like adopting.

Ok, listen up, hippie chick. As super concerned as I’m sure your privileged little tree-hugging butt is about spreading the environmentalist message in the bedroom, some people have more basic concerns… like feeding their non-eco-sex-friendly family or, I don’t know, spending money on clothing that’s not made of imported grass from East Asia.

So maybe “getting it on” is not always for the good of the planet, but perhaps the better solution would be to cut down on stale cornflakes like you.

So you can run and tell that, Homegirl!!!


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