Gay club Acid: Is it shut down for good?

We heard back in early September that club ACID, known to drawn members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community in Lebanon, had been shut down. Reasons for the closure are still unclear, though there were rumors of noise complaints from neighbors in the area.

Regardless, fast-forward nearly eight weeks and the club remains closed.

I have tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with the owners of ACID, but I did speak with a leading member of the gay rights activist community in Lebanon for a response:

“The rumor is true, ACID is still shut down…

In my personal opinion, it is a worrisome development, but we have to be aware that when ACID was built, the area was free of buildings. [The street it is located] on is becoming more residential now. People are beginning to own apartments there. So, ACID is not properly located… considering all the music and noise [disruptions] it can bring.

It is a big loss for the LGBT community to close the most well-known gay club, but from another point of view, many other pubs are starting to merge in the LGBT community to become gay friendly. So maybe… we will soon see the creation of a new gay night club.”

Earlier today I posted a blog citing an article about gay tourism in the Middle East, and a supposed competition between Tel Aviv and Beirut to draw in foreign investment. Again, it is still unclear exactly why ACID was shut down, but this is certainly not a boost for Beirut’s position in the gay tourism industry.

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