Month: November 2010

US Republican Rep. Peter King, who is set to chair the House Homeland Security Committee, says he wants to designate WikiLeaks a “foreign terrorist organization” because it is damaging to “not only our national interests in fighting the war on terror, but also undermines the very safety of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.” The […]

Here is an interesting discovery from the 250,000 documents released to the media by Wikileaks on Sunday: a message from a soon-to-be diplomatic hostage seized when Iranian students stormed the US Embassy in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution. Bruce Laingen was a top US diplomat in Iran. In a cable written in August 1979, he […]

In a speech on Sunday, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that any evidence based on the telecom sector is valueless because Israel can obtain any information it wants about mobile phone owners, clone SIM cards and fabricate phone calls across different times and locations. A compromise must be reached before the Special Tribunal […]

It’s being described as the biggest release of classified information in history. Whistleblower website WikiLeaks released 250,000 US diplomatic cables online and to a number of media outlets late Sunday detailing shocking political insights, including a fixation on nuclear Iran. One of the key points gaining attention from the flood of information is that Saudi […]

A truck dealership in Florida is offering a free AK-47 for every vehicle purchased. They’re not literally handing out the Russian-designed weapons, but offering $400 vouchers to be redeemed at a nearby gun store. According to reports, sales at the Nations Trucks dealership have tripled since the start of the promotion earlier this month. In […]

Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrived in Tehran on Saturday for an official three-day visit where, aside from meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other key figures, he unleashed a string of noteworthy facial expressions. Alarmed, detached, dead on the inside: his emotional visage is a story in itself.