Month: November 2010

As-Safir newspaper came out with a report today detailing how Israel used advanced technology to create parallel lines to cell phones used by Hezbollah members — which could then be used to fabricate fictional phone calls appearing to originate from those same Hezbollah members’ cell phones across several locations and times. This is to support […]

It’s the other side of Prime Minister Saad Hariri: top chef, cigar aficionado, fearless shark feeder. The Washington Post did an extensive interview with Hariri for an article published on Thursday. Not everything made it to print, but the Post released a transcript from the interview, and it includes some precious gems of insight into […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s celebrate with potentially offensive, tasteless photos. The first image was conjured up by yours truly in honor of a certain leader’s visit to Lebanon, and the rest are provided by the lovely people of the Internet. Cheers!

Men, if you’re experiencing hair loss, you do not have to resort to drastic measures, such as converting to Judaism, in order to hide your unsightly bald spots. That’s the message behind the infomercial below for Hair Cubed, a spray-on remedy for thinning hair. So, is the infomercial trying to say that it’s more embarrassing […]

An order from ISF Director Achraf Rifi to remove any anti-Erdogan banners in Lebanon didn’t stop protesters from demonstrating during the Turkish prime minister’s arrival at the airport on Wednesday. Here are some photos from the protest:

The Lebanese blog Trella posted an interesting find today. It looks like Hezbollah decided to subvert a Lebanese Forces poster in order to send a message of its own. The posters were allegedly found on the Antonine University campus in Baabda. The top poster reads: “No matter how much they bully, Lebanon is stronger.” — […]

The Lebanese diaspora is huge in Brazil. It’s estimated that over 7 million Brazilians have Lebanese ancestry – that’s nearly double Lebanon’s entire population. So with that in mind, I’m just going to say this: Holy Creepshow, I hope this Brazilian man does not share any relationship with our country. Emilio Eduardo da Rocha Deveza […]