Month: December 2010

Hey, peeps! I’m off on a holiday expedition to hunt for narwhals in the Arctic. But I’ll be back and rolling out some new features and content for the blog on January 10. In the meantime, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite posts over the last few months for you to […]

I took a trip down to Nabatiyeh yesterday with a Shia friend of mine to observe the Ashura commemoration. It was, at first, truly fascinating. But as the ritual wore on, it transformed into spectacle. The misery and mourning associated with the tragedy of Imam Hussein was, for me, lost in the performance. Certainly, it […]

A Pakistani marketing firm decided to exploit the buzzword of the month, “WikiLeaks” for a billboard advertising maxipads with wings. It reads, “Wikileaks. Butterfly doesn’t.” “I could have also shown a girl like other ads have. But the idea was to make it very different and to use the word WikiLeaks – and that’s what […]

he Lebanese army has released photos of the Israeli spy devices found on Mount Sannine and Mount Barouk this week. The pictures do not show any snow on the mountains, so it appears the devices were found before the huge snow storm that hit Lebanon over the weekend. Reports say it was Hezbollah who tipped […]

Muslims commemorate Ashura today. For Shia, it is a day to mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, at the battle of Karbala. I’m heading down to Nabatiyeh to join in the commemoration. Look out for pics on the blog tomorrow, peeps.