Meanwhile in Egypt…

Egypt may be gearing up for a second day of street protests today after thousands of people took part in unprecedented rallies across the country on Tuesday to demand the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak – who has ruled the country for 30 years – and to call for serious reforms.

“Everyone needs to head down to Tahrir Square to take over the square once again,” the April 6 Movement announced on its Facebook page — which along with Twitter, helped organize the Tuesday protests.

In a separate statement, the group urged Egyptians to continue demonstrating.

“To continue what we started on January 25, we will take to the streets to demand the right to life, liberty, dignity and we call on everyone to take to the streets… and to keep going until the demands of the Egyptian people have been met,” the group said.

Egypt’s demonstrations were dubbed the “day of anger,” similar to Lebanon’s “day of rage.” But most media outlets attributed the inspiration for the protests to the uprising in Tunisia.

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