How to act like the opposition


Forget nuanced approaches to politics: March 14 is now the opposition and March 8 the majority. So now is the time to get creatively ruthless and realize it’s fun playing the underdog opponent.

Check it out, March 14ers, here are some of my guidelines for making the most out of your new position:

1. First, realize that you can’t really ruin your reputation. As the opposition, at least in this country, you’re not really expected to create social conditions that benefit everyone. So play the role of the classic bad guy/super villain. Find yourself a cool nickname and underground lair – like “Big Nas.”

2. Appreciate the fact that as the opposition, you don’t have to take responsibility for major mistakes, tragedies or disasters.

3. Learn to be more self-centered. Before you agree to any new legislation in the government, ask yourself: “What’s in it for us?” One of the [many] reasons no new reforms were implemented in the country last time around is because the opposition played up on its ability to oppose and obstruct. Take note: the ball is in your court. Acting outrageous is not out of the question.

4. And remember: you don’t have to defend yourself. You’re *expected* to disagree with the other side; you’re called the opposition.

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