Mona Eltahawy: Don’t call it “chaos”


Egyptian blogger and journalist Mona Eltahawy is a true hero for the Arab world.

Realizing that the words and narratives presented by Western media helps shape and define public opinion there, she managed to get CNN to change its labeling of the revolution in Egypt from “chaos” to “uprising.”

During an interview with the American broadcaster on Saturday she said, “I urge you to use the words ‘revolt’ and ‘uprising’ and ‘revolution,’ and not ‘chaos’ and not ‘unrest;’ we are talking about a historic moment.”

Eltahawy just gets it: reducing the events in Egypt to an indignant, confusing label like “chaos,” only gives legitimacy to the governing power to use violence and reactionary measures for the sake of restoring “order.”

Less than an hour after Eltahawy’s appeal, CNN changed its onscreen headline from “CHAOS IN EGYPT” to “UPRISING IN EGYPT.”

Thank you, Mona, for doing an amazing job and spreading the truth about what’s really happening in the Arab world.

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