Month: March 2011

Development and Liberation bloc MP Qassem Hashem said on Wednesday that the March 14 parties are “inciting the Syrian people” to mobilize against the regime. “Some March 14 parties are [using] the Internet and the Facebook [website] to incite people to protest in Syria,” he told New TV. I’m convinced Hashem is talking about our […]

Get off my lawwwwwwn! A mischievously-cute garden gnome armed with a chainsaw to viciously bisect zombies and dinosaurs? Yes please. Gnome Chompski (not to be confused with Nim Chimpsky) is a character in the first-person shooter video game Left 4 Dead. He takes his namesake from preeminent linguist, scholar and philosopher Noam Chomsky, which is […]

French urban climber Alain Robert, who has been dubbed a real-life spiderman for some of his past feats has definitely earned the nickname for this latest challenge: scaling the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj al-Khalifa tower. It took Robert six hours Monday to ascend the 2,717 foot structure. This was the first time the climber […]

Ladies, picture yourself at a bar this weekend, inebriated, falling over your chair, a rosy flush to your face, slurring words and sporadically crying out to anyone who will listen: “I’m s-s-s-s-ooooOOoodrunkkkkk.” Stop it. Use some self-restraint, collect your staggering wreck-of-a-drunk-self, find a dude to hit on, and pull a move from the poster above. […]

The guy who made this video WINS the Internet. It’s a brilliant pop culture mash-up of Angry Birds with a dystopian-dictator-toppling twist. Representing the Three Big Pigs: Tunisian ex-president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Using a popular game to explain the Arab Spring of […]

I used to shake my head with an air of smug amusement at my friends and colleagues who drank the freeze-dried, chemically-enhanced instant coffee known as Nescafe. That is, until I became one of them. It all started last Monday, a morning of desperation born from the torturous realization that the weekend was over and […]

I know it’s dangerous to get caught up in the melodramatic flare found in some of the more lurid, private details of the WikiLeaks cables, but this one was notable enough for Al-Akbhar newspaper to run as a headline over the weekend: “I will f*** Hezbollah.” Those words from outgoing Prime Minister Saad Hariri were […]