Month: April 2011

A survey released this week by the National Campaign to Memorize the Lebanese Anthem says only five percent of a countrywide sample group of 2,000 people could recite the words of “Kulluna lil Watan,” or “All Together for the Country” by heart. The survey comes amid controversy surrounding possible plagiarism of the national anthem. Well […]

The photos show what looks like a serious confrontation between police and anti-sectarian protesters in front of the parliament building on Thursday. According to reports, the brawl happened when demonstrators tried to force their way into parliament just before midday in downtown Beirut. Initial reports say four men were arrested and referred to the military […]

How’s this for a little perspective? While you were busy obsessing over the richest display of pageantry and spectacle we’ve seen all year (an estimated two billion people – that’s a third of the world’s population – is watching the $32 million Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton), Haitians are surviving on dirt […]

A continued failure to form a new government, soaring gas prices, blood-sucking mosquitoes, unbearably slow Internet and power cuts compounded by a region in the midst of revolution, death and destruction. This is not a good week for Lebanon. Some people think we should pray. I think we should look for awesome distractions. “Karmin” is […]

And not a royal f*ck was given. Britain on Thursday withdrew the Syrian ambassador’s invitation to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, saying the regime’s crackdown on protesters made his presence “unacceptable,” according to a report from AFP. An estimated 453 people have been killed under President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal repression of anti-regime […]