Month: April 2011

Alright, it’s officially a trend: flash mobs in Lebanon. This one happened at City Mall over the weekend in Beirut. It’s an obvious nod to Easter Sunday, when Christian followers celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Nobody can keep Christ down, yeah. And while Jesus was busy dying for yours sins, the godless, socially inept video-gamers of the […]

Forget the realities of war, death and destruction – that’s essentially why the Internet was created (by magical unicorns and blind gnomes, no less). Foreign troops in Afghanistan are battling it out for bigger and more important things, like earning the most viral video hits on YouTube. Two weeks ago I showed you this video […]

You can’t look at these photos without feeling all sorts of wrong. Canadian photographer Jonathan Hobin has put together a series of photographs called In the Playroom, showing children staging various provocative scenes, from prison torture in Abu Ghraib to airplanes hitting the twin towers on 9/11. Hobin calls the photos “tableau-vivant re-enactments” of current […]

A bloody Easter in Syria as security forces mounted some of the deadliest attacks on anti-regime protesters since demonstrations erupted last month. Nearly 400 people have been killed since March 15, according to AFP. On Monday, Syrian troops backed by tanks moved into the southern town of Daraa, killing at least 25 people. Meanwhile, the […]

According to a report on Friday, Syria wants Lebanon to censor its media. Syrian officials believe the Lebanese media is conducting “planned interference” in Syria’s domestic affairs and spreading “rumors and fabricated information” to prompt demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the Kuwaiti newspaper As-Seyassah reported on Friday. Dear ruthless dictator, I will decide what […]

A douche is similar to the sanitary hygiene product used to cleanse vaginas, except this overly-tanned, duck-lipped, shirtless wonder makes you want to wash out your eyes with bleach after you look at him. Men of the world: don’t succumb to this sick epidemic. There’s a fine line between having a condescending, inflated opinion of […]