Lebanon is Unquestionably Vaginal

(Photo via hilaga.co.cc)

Lebanon is unquestionably vaginal. And by vaginal, I mean awesome.

Peeps, the heralding of a new movement is upon us — a revolution, if you will — to change the way we think about that charismatic word representing the female anatomy, of which I am a proud owner.

This isn’t just about fostering a sense of understanding and a new appreciation for cupid’s ‘Tunnel of Love.’ No.

This is about putting one “incredible word in its rightful place of superiority above all other words.”

Take it away, Carlton:


The euphoric rush of learning a “sleight of hand” trick that allows you to cram Oreos down your throat without anyone seeing: Vaginal.
Running barefoot in the grass: Vaginal.

This. Is. Vaginal.

The moment you realize the new song you’re listening to is about to get heavy rotation, if not the incredible honor of “Repeat” status, on your iPod for weeks to come: Totally Vaginal.

Dumpster diving: Vaginal.

Waking up late and freaking about because you’re late for work only to realize a split-second later that it’s actually the weekend: Vaginal.

Magical sea unicorns: So Very Vaginal.

Impromptu dance parties: Vaginal.

And flying, my friends, is an unparalleled level of Vaginal.

Look, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that what we’re lacking in the new government — namely, vaginas — is the exact word that’s about to become synonymous with AWESOME.

Our only option, really, is to just be vaginal. Embrace it.

Let’s say it together, peeps: Lebanon is unquestionably vaginal.

I don’t know about y’all, but I really like where this is going.

(Note: The video above is actually an ad stunt for Summer’s Eve. But, if you have a vagina, you really shouldn’t use vaginal cleansing products. They’re bad for you and health officials warn against it. Educate yourself, please.)


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