Pop up stores and shopping while blitzed

A poster in Gemmayzeh advertises a new pop up store coming to Beirut. (NOW Lebanon)

This looks like it could be totally cool, if not a little Urban Outfitters-hipsteresque. But as long as they don’t try selling 25 cent packages of ramen noodles for $5, I’m in.

It’s sort of like a flash mob for shoppers: ‘Beirut Loves Jaipur’ is a pop up store (read: temporary) set to open tomorrow at the Beirut Souks and close for good on July 15.

On a somewhat related note, drunk shopping is the new sober living.

My bestie, Alex, convinced me it would be a good idea to get boozed up on energy-alcohol drinks while we did a round of summer-sale shopping together last night and it was AWESOME vaginal.

Seriously ladies, any insecurities or anxiousness you may have about trying on clothes will be completely wiped away by the near-blackout-drunkenness of your demeanor.

And thanks to the dub step-themed soundtracks of most retail stores, it had a club-like atmosphere with the enjoyable-added challenge of children, moms and neon-green stretch pants. I highly recommend it.

*Do* remember to close the curtains while using the dressing room, and try not to flirt with the sales staff who will instead accuse you of sexual harassment.

I consider it a victory because I was not at any point physically removed from the premises, even after shouting “f*ck you” at a salesperson for closing the store early.

Life lesson: Everything is better when you’re blitzed.

The storefront of ‘Beirut Loves Jaipur’ opening up Thursday at the Beirut Souks. (NOW Lebanon)

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