Month: June 2011

(Photo via Lebanon is unquestionably vaginal. And by vaginal, I mean awesome. Peeps, the heralding of a new movement is upon us — a revolution, if you will — to change the way we think about that charismatic word representing the female anatomy, of which I am a proud owner. This isn’t just about […]

Protesters carry a sign that reads: “A government without women is retarded and backwards.” (NOW Lebanon) A group of (mostly) female demonstrators in Beirut protested today against the exclusion of women in Lebanon’s new government.

(Photo via In 2008, Dennis Kucinich presented the US House of Representatives with 25 articles of impeachment against former President George W. Bush. That makes him totally baller in my book. Plus, he’s married to this. So WTF is the US Congressman doing on a “fact-finding mission” in Syria? And more importantly, why does […]

I love the nonsensical and fantastic worlds of cartoons. Gummi Bears, My Little Pony, David the Gnome, and Jem and the Holograms were some of my favorite shows growing up. And Carebears. All that love and happiness and rainbows. Carebears was the sh*t. But alas, even Syrian President Bashar al-Assad manages to retain his vile, […]

A picture shows the border crossing between Lebanon and Syria in the in the Wadi Khaled area on June 27. (AFP/Joseph Eid) According to AFP at least 5,000 Syrian refugees have fled to Lebanon since protests against the rule of Bashar al-Assad broke out in mid-March. Over the weekend, hundreds of people – mostly Lebanese […]

(Photo via I already exhibit the general symptoms of anxiety on a daily basis: dilated pupils, muscle tension, excessive sweating, moderate restlessness and irritability. In my defense, I’m usually hung over. Regardless, in Lebanon, we’re constantly suspended in a state of nervous anticipation waiting for something (inevitably) bad to happen. So brace yourselves, peeps, […]

Photo via Foreign Policy just rolled out a list of the most dangerous borders in the world. It includes the Saudia Arabia-Yemen border, the North-South Korea border, and even the Syria-Israel divide. But get this: not a single mention of Lebanon. Yeah, we got shafted. Excuse me, Foreign Policy, but must I remind you […]