A Photoshop #Fail from Al-Arabiya news

(Photo via alarabiya.net)

So my pro-intern Nicolas Esugerra had a hunch this photo posted alongside an article on Al-Arabiya’s English news website today was photoshopped.

The immediate giveaway: those fighter jets look just too perfectly placed, not to mention identical (the jets on the left and right are probably copy and pasted).

Al-Arabiya attributed the pic as  a “File photo.”

But after a quick image search in Google, I found the original pic from AFP photographer Marco Longari.

Libyan rebel fighters flash the victory sign as they look at an airforce fighter jet flying overhead after dropping a bomb near a checkpoint on the outskirts of the oil town of Ras Lanuf on March 7, 2011. (Photo by MARCO LONGARI for AFP/Getty)

And that’s called a photoshop #Fail, Al-Arabiya.

(*Note: The doctored photo that originally accompanied the Al-Arabiya article, “Russia refuses to recognize Libya rebels as legitimate government, clashing with Westhas now been replaced.)

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