Month: July 2011

(Photo via There’s freedom of speech in Lebanon, sure, as long as you don’t offend the wrong people. There’s freedom of speech in Lebanon, but behold, the inevitable double-standard: Michel Aoun can deem President Sleiman a “cry baby.” And Wiam Wahhab can call on the president to resign several times. But Zeid Hamdan cannot […]

Anoesis [to be passively present. To see and not see at the same time]. That is the name of this year’s winning film at the Beirut 48 hour film project. The challenge: make a movie—write, shoot, edit and score it—in just 48 hours. A socio-political satire, the film’s subtext is what makes Anoesis so provocative: […]

It’s my dream to drink from a pond filled with white wine and chocolate sprinkles. Do I have budgeting problems? Yes. The month of July has consisted of five weeks. For most people, that’s one extra week of awesomeness. For me, it means I’ll be panhandling on the Corniche tonight for spare change in order […] Some media commentators are saying Afghanistan’s new mockumentary-style sitcom, “The Ministry,” is the Middle East region’s version of “The Office.” The show follows the life of the officers at the Ministry of Garbage. And jokes aside, the program aims to shed light on the country’s widespread political corruption. I watched a clip from the […]