Month: August 2011

Cue the Jaws movie soundtrack… Forget about the high winds and extensive flooding caused by Hurricane Irene, people in Puerto Rico have to worry about sharks swimming through the streets. It’s a sign of the end, y’all… F*ck it. I’m so hungover right now I just want to drink all that water. Here’s a BullsharkDog. […]

(Photo via This illustration is being circulated on Twitter  as the last cartoon drawn by famed political satirist Ali Ferzat before he was attacked by masked gunmen outside his home in Damascus early Thursday morning. “He was savagely beaten, they broke his fingers and told him not to satirize Syria’s leaders,” Ferzat’s brother, Asaad, […]

(Photo via Visa credit cards issued in Syria, by Syrian banks or those with branches in the country, have stopped working as of Wednesday, bank officials and users told the AFP news agency. “Clients were sent SMS messages Tuesday evening informing them they could no longer use their Visa cards in Syria, or even […]

(Photo via I circumvent the trauma of Tupperware by eating EVERYTHING. Always. No leftovers, no problem. Pro-Tip: Plates are for aristocrats. Eat your tuna, corn, ravioli and sausage gravy concoctions straight from the can. BAM. Learn to love The Oatmeal.

(Photo via Pushing the limits of what is considered acceptable, a Muslim girl puts on a punk-inspired hijab and sports a nose ring. I found this picture on the image sharing website imgur, so I’m not sure who the girl is or where the photo was taken, but it serves as a provocative invitation […]

The Syrian regime has made itself clear: if you have a voice, it will slit your throat, and if you use your hands to challenge the authority of President Bashar al-Assad, he will have you beaten in an attempt to render your talent useless. Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat was severely beaten after masked security force members […]