Month: September 2011

(Photo via Hey, peeps! I’m in Tunisia this week to attend the 3rd Arab Bloggers Meeting. Among other attendees, I am joining some of our top Lebanese bloggers, including, Nadine Moawad (@nmoawad), Liliane Assaf (@funkyozzi), Assaad Thebian (@Beirutiyat), Jamal Ghosn (@jamalghosn) and Mustapha of theBeirutSpring blog to talk about the role of social media […]

(Photo via Go pick up this boy from baggage claim. You’re marrying him tonight. In the words of American rock musician, Meatloaf, “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” As in, I won’t be forced into an arranged marriage. A 16-year-old girl in Australia went to court in April (the […]

An imagined depiction of Robert Ford in a tomato fight. This Robert Ford is no coward. (Get it?) The US ambassador to Syria was met by a mob of pro-regime protesters who reportedly threw tomatoes as he entered an office for a meeting in Damascus on Thursday. The angry mob of about 100 people “were […]

(Photo via Click here to make it bigger. “OMG HNEY, I CNT SPELL FOR SH*T BUT I LUV uuuuuuuu!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ This kind of desperation is right up there with girlfriends/boyfriends who demand their partner give them full access to email passwords along with your Facebook account while threatening to break up with […]

There’s been a lot of buzz on Twitter and Facebook today about this BBC report on a Beirut beauty parlor designed to serve girls between the ages of 4-14. Chez Lulu was met with some criticism when it first opened in 2009, sparking a debate about whether this is an age-appropriate activity for children. Personally, I […]

Iranian navy members prepare for an exercise Sunday in the Persian Gulf. (Photo by Ebrahim Norouzi for AP, via In a row of white uniforms, it’s hard to tell whose arm that belongs to, but rest-assured, there are no gays in Iran. AFP reports that Iran’s navy is going to deploy ships close to […]