Video purports to show “nude blogger” Aliaa al-Mahdy being dragged from Tahrir Square

A video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday purports to show Aliaa al-Mahdy, known as the “nude Egyptian blogger” being forcibly removed from a crowd of protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Mahdy sparked outrage in Egypt and across the Arab world earlier this month when it was discovered she posted a full-frontal nude photograph of herself on the Internet.

There’s been no shortage of criticism for the 20-year-old’s bold move, as the comment section under the YouTube video demonstrates. One commenter wrote, “She completely deserved it. She has to learn a person cannot compensate a bad thing with ‘the worst’ thing.” “She deserves to be burnt in hell,” writes another critic.

The price of freedom is that we must accept not only what we love, but also what we hate.

[Post-Edit: A message from Mahdy’s boyfriend, Kareem Amer, posted on her Facebook late Friday night – says the girl in the video is not Aliaa, but another unidentified woman.]

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