Syria uses Lebanon lynching footage to prove “terrorists” in the country

(Photo via

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem on Monday accused the Arab League of ignoring the presence of “terrorists” during a news conference at which gruesome video footage was shown in an effort to prove “armed groups” are killing Syrian troops in various parts of the country.

“I apologize for these horrific images, but at the same time I offer them to the Arab League ministerial committee members who still continue to refuse the presence of these armed groups,” said Muallem.

–Beep. BeBeep. Beep. —
We interrupt the Syrian state’s continuous fabrications and outright lies to bring you this important message: the footage is not what the regime says it is.

Below is the full report aired at Monday’s presser with Muallem. At :58, a caption identifies footage of a dead body on the ground as being in the Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughur.

Now look at the second video at around :25 taken during the lynching of an Egyptian man in the Lebanese village of Ketermaya a year ago. It’s the exact same footage.

Lebanese Forces news did a full story (in Arabic) analyzing all the inconsistencies in the footage.

Meanwhile, seven Lebanese men held a press conference in Tripoli on Tuesday to denounce Syrian authorities for what they said was false usage of footage [shown during the Muallem press conference to prove “terrorist” involvement] actually filmed back in 2008 and posted on Facebook.

If dictatorships live and die by their propaganda, you’d think the people in charge of it would be on top of their game. When fooling the world is your business, you shouldn’t be making these kinds of foolish mistakes.

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