Month: December 2011

(Photo via I am constantly astounded by the bravery of Egyptian women in the face of injustice. As punishment for expressing themselves politically, many female protesters were forced to undergo “virginity tests” during the revolution to overthrow then-President Hosni Mubarak. An Amnesty International report published in March claimed female demonstrators were beaten, given electric […]

(Photo courtesy of Karim Fakhry) NOW Lebanon reader Karim Fakhry emailed us this gem of an image, which he captured this morning at the Beirut International Airport. It demonstrates the typical Lebanese reaction to Parliament’s ban on smoking in all enclosed public places: it’s more of a suggestion than binding legal restriction. Only in Lebanon…

(Photo via Forget everything your parents told you. Ignore what religious scholars the world over may claim. I have never read a more convincing argument for Adam and Eve to be Lebanese than this.

All I got for Christmas was a 26-pound, cherry flavored gummy bear and, sweet diabetic Jesus, I am NOT complaining. I’ve now set myself a deadline of January 15 to eat my way through the delicious creature’s head. Not your style? Here are five other jaw-dropping, awesome gifts you wish you got for Christmas: 1. Donut Maker Source 2. Human […]

(Photo via According to the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Lebanon, American John Redwine’s death over the weekend in the area of Mount Sannine was an accident: “Our dear friend and co-organizer of the BMFF World Tour in Lebanon John Redwine was killed in a mountaineering accident on the western face of Mount Sannine […]

(Photo via A quick challenge for my peeps: name the last person you’d want to see in a sex tape. It’s a statistical fact that when pressed with this question, most people will name a ruler from a Gulf country. So get this: a report published in The Kuwait Times this week claims Syrian President […]

Posted on reddit by user UtopicVision. (Photo via In Lebanon, driving an emergency medical care vehicle does NOT exempt you from arbitrary enforcement of the law. File under “Tragic Symbol of Our Society.” Alternatively filed under:  “Anyone driving slower than you is a moron, and faster than you is a maniac.”