Will you stand with the Syrian people?

(Photo via markhumphrys.com)

A quick challenge for my peeps: name the last person you’d want to see in a sex tape.

It’s a statistical fact that when pressed with this question, most people will name a ruler from a Gulf country.

So get this: a report published in The Kuwait Times this week claims Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s advisor, Buthaina Shaaban, has allegedly threatened to expose sex tapes involving… wait for it… rulers from Gulf countries.

It would be a sick move… but OH LAWD, this actually sounds kind of hot. I mean… no. Not attractive at all. Never. (Don’t judge me)

The report says Shaaban briefed a delegation from the Syrian community and said, “officials from Gulf countries will be shown what ‘trump’ cards we have after we release their sex tapes to Internet websites.”

Maybe it’s a hoax, but if there’s any truth to this story then all I can say is, well played, Mr. Assad. Well played.

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