Month: December 2011

Egypt’s military said on Tuesday it strongly regretted attacks on female demonstrators, as footage of soldiers beating women fuelled deadly anti-military protests in Cairo for a fifth straight day, according to AFP. Video footage emerged last week of army soldiers severely beating defenseless women in Cairo’s Tahriri Square – going so far as to remove […]

John Redwine’s body was found Tuesday in Mount Sannine. (Photo via When word spread on Tuesday that American journalist John Redwine’s body was found in Mount Sannine’s Zahta area, conspiracy theorists jumped to suggest the 33-year-old man was a CIA agent. In November, The Los Angeles Times reported that the US Intelligence Agency’s operations […]

(Photo via Pot, consider yourself stirred: A Salafist Sheikh in Egypt says a woman’s face is like a vagina. “What is a veil? A veil is what covers the woman’s face. Therefore the woman’s face is like her vagina,” Sheik Abou Ishak al-Houwayni was quoted on the Elaph news website as saying. His remarks […]

(Photo via A quick challenge for my peeps: name the last person you’d want to see in a sex tape. It’s a statistical fact that when pressed with this question, most people will name a ruler from a Gulf country. So get this: a report published in The Kuwait Times this week claims Syrian President […]

A movie poster in the UAE promoting “Puss in Boots.” (Photo via I have never seen or heard the word “puss” used as a slang term for vagina. Pussy, yes. But “puss,” never (modesty will get you nowhere on the Internet, mah). Yet theatres in Lebanon are promoting the new Shrek spinoff, Puss in […]

What? WAT???????????????? The Tourism Ministry announced on Wednesday that it penalized four bars by shutting them down for a week because the establishments allowed minors under the age of 18 inside. The ministry said it had issued several warnings to the bar owners before installing the week-long closures. Now, can someone please explain to me […]

Iranian state TV has broadcast video footage of what it says is the US drone it claims to have downed earlier this week. The video shows Iranian military officials inspecting the RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft, which appears to be undamaged. According to the BBC, officials in Washington have acknowledged the loss of the unmanned plane, […]