Month: January 2012

(Photo via It’s official. I should just quit my job and work as a waitress in Dubai. For this $108,357 bill, I could arguably earn in one night what I make in an entire year. To recap, the big spender(s) at the Cavalli Club in Dubai bought: One cake for $33 A six-liter bottle […]

The site where a six-story residential building in Achrafiyeh collapsed on Sunday night has now been cleared out. Some Lebanese are complaining that the LL 30 million ($20,000) compensation being granted to the victims of the Achrafieh disaster is not enough. But it turns out, this is actually more than what many families received after […]

A sign in Arabic reads: “Yes” for using violence against a system that does not criminalize violence against women. “No” to an elitist-bourgeoisie feminism. Spotted at the march against rape in Lebanon on Saturday: a tribute to Egypt’s “blue bra” girl. Graphic videos and images surfaced online in December of a limp woman being dragged […]

A photo of Gilles Jacquier, the France 2 journalist reportedly killed in Syria on Wednesday. (Photo via Just hours after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made a rare public appearance in Damascus on Wednesday, Gilles Jacquier, a journalist for the France 2 television channel, was killed in the flashpoint city of Homs. Jacquier covered most […]

The Pentagon says it has launched an investigation after a video posted on YouTube shows four active duty combat Marines urinating on the corpses of three dead men, identified as Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. “This is yet another barbaric act by foreign forces. Over the past 10 years there have been hundreds of similar cases […]