Month: February 2012

(Photo via It’s something that you may not want to hear, but racism is alive and well in Lebanon. Inspired by some of the horrific, and at times even deadlycircumstances faced by foreign domestic workers, Ethiopian national Rahel Zegeye, who’s been living and working in the country for 10 years, has produced and directed […]

(Photo via With great responsibility and (dare I say it) power, comes the potential for great laziness. Refusing to pander to the obligations of his position as a member of parliament, Salim Karam simply could not get out of bed to attend Thursday morning’s parliament session. “When his colleagues called him, it turned out […]

Khader Adnan. (Photo via Dignity before food… It was the longest hunger strike ever carried out by a Palestinian prisoner, but Khader Adnan has ended his 66-days of refusing to eat food in an Israeli prison. An Israeli court ruled on Tuesday to release Khader on April 17. The 33-year-old was detained on December […]

(Image via I spotted this image making the rounds on Facebook over the weekend. It shows a newspaper advertisement for a runaway maid posted by her former employers, including a message warning others not to hire her. Maria Lea Sansano Oliveros, Filipina domestic worker Ran away from the house of her employers. Height: Around 170 […]

(Photo via At least eight Palestinian children and a teacher were killed Thursday when an articulated lorry skidded on a wet road in the West Bank and collided with a school bus, police and medics told AFP. Medical officials at the main hospital in Ramallah said many of the children were “of kindergarten age,” […]

Anthony Shadid, 43, died while reporting in Syria on Thursday. (Photo via Anthony Shadid, a foreign correspondent for The New York Times, died of an apparent asthma attack in Syria on Thursday. He was 43-years-old. Shadid’s father told AP that his son suffered from asthma all of his life and carried medication with him. […]