Israelis cheer Palestinian deaths on Facebook

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At least eight Palestinian children and a teacher were killed Thursday when an articulated lorry skidded on a wet road in the West Bank and collided with a school bus, police and medics told AFP.

Medical officials at the main hospital in Ramallah said many of the children were “of kindergarten age,” between four and six years old.

When news of the accident was posted on Israeli news website Walla’s Facebook page, a series of racist, celebratory comments soon followed, says Palestinian blogger Abir Kopty.

She took this screenshot of some of the comments before they were taken down:

(Photo via

Benny: Calm down, they are Palestinian Children.
Tali: It seems like they are Palestinian children.. Thank God..
Tal: Thank God they are Palestinians
Ajala: Great less terrorists!!!!
Eliya: Only Palestinian children were injured about ten.
Itai: Thank God its Palestinians, let it be such bus every day.
Aleyah: calm down, It’s a bus with Palestinian children, lets pray there will be deaths, or at least severe injuries, this is great news to start the day with.

Walla was later forced to post this message on its Facebook page: “Friends, Stop writing racist and irrelevant responses. Users who write racist responses to the post will be blocked from the page.”

Pardon me while I go vomit for the next five days. This is truly despicable.

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