The politics of showing up to work

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With great responsibility and (dare I say it) power, comes the potential for great laziness. Refusing to pander to the obligations of his position as a member of parliament, Salim Karam simply could not get out of bed to attend Thursday morning’s parliament session.

“When his colleagues called him, it turned out Karam was asleep according to several MPs allied with the Zgharta representative,” Al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Friday.

Skipping by with little effort, earning more money without earning it and then pretty much throwing it in the Lebanese people’s faces: yeah, it’s politicians behaving badly and we’re used to it.

When payment of salary is guaranteed, regardless of productivity, it’s an invitation for abuse.

I see your political apathy and raise you with this: lazy, meet pathetic.

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*Slow Clap*

Can’t get out of bed in the morning? Then go to work on your own expense.

More on this topic from my colleague, NOW Lebanon Production Editor Louisa Ajami, here.

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