Month: February 2012

(Photo via A Saudi journalist who fled the Kingdom after his Twitter post about the Prophet Mohammad sparked national outrage, has been deported back to the country. The Malaysian government justified Hamza Kashgari’s deportation by labeling him a terrorist. “I will not allow Malaysia to be seen as a safe country for terrorists and […]

(Photo via As impossible – and unfortunately, possible – as it is to wrap your head around this – a Lebanese man reportedly killed his aunt so he could sell her apartment for $20,000. Fatima Khalil Ayoub, 76, was found strangled to death and covered with dry reinforced concrete next to Amin Abdel Nour […]

(Photo via Hackers have apparently attacked Asma al-Assad’s official website, ridiculing the Syrian first lady for publicly expressing her firm support for President Bashar al-Assad. “I am Asma Assad. I am the wife of a vicious war criminal,” a statement on the site begins. Assad, a one-time Vogue magazine pin-up, sent an email to […]

(Photo courtesy of the group, “STOP domestic violence against women”) You’ll soon seen billboards across Lebanon in support of a demonstration on February 18 to raise awareness about a draft law on domestic violence against women. But get this: the billboards have already been censored. Activists originally submitted the image (pictured above) to General Security […]

(Photo via If you’ve picked up a magazine recently, you probably noticed new seals which, when broken, take readers straight to a cigarette advertisement in the middle of the publication. As in, you’re forced to see a cigarette ad before anything else in the magazine. [WHAT IS THIS I CAN’T EVEN] In a press release […]