Better naked than in a Burka?

Credit: Alexander JE Bradley (Photo via

Is standing around naked the best way to protest against the oppression of women by radical Islam? This group of ladies seems to think so.

FEMEN, the Ukrainian feminist collective made famous for its topless street protests, organized a breast-baring demonstration in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Saturday. The women screamed slogans like “Nudity is freedom,” “Muslim women get naked” and “no to Sharia law.”

Among the participants were Iranian human rights activist Maryam Namazieand Lebanese actress Darina al-Joundy.

I still can’t decide if this apparent trend in nude protests is brilliant or brilliantly stupid. It’s important to raise awareness about oppression against women from any religious, social or economic background. And these events certainly gather a lot of attention. But I’m doubtful the naked stunts are actually helping the cause. There’s a huge difference between being socially forced to hide specific body parts and then making a free choice to bare it all in public.

Bottom line: sex can be used as a tool for both coercion and liberation, and I think these women are well aware of that fact.

Also, no boobs – no democracy, AMIRIGHT? Check out the NSFW video of the protest here.

Credit: Alexander JE Bradley (Photo via

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