Month: March 2012

(Photo via Spotted on page 10 of our local Waseet magazine: an advertisement for buying social media fans/followers. Listen up, nerds (who I love dearly), shelling out cash to buy social media followers is on par with feigning a fake terminal illness and then promoting it on the Internet to get sympathy and donations […]

This video flies in the face of the usual conception that Lebanese are extremely respectful of authority and well-mannered wherever they go. With all the screaming, pushing and disorganization, you’d think this was the scene of a limited edition designer sale at Macy’s, not an MEA flight from Paris to Beirut. Keep in mind: this […]

(Photo courtesy of Randa Mirza) So it turns out there was nothing accidental about our now illustrious “girl in the orange shirt,” who was spotted looking somewhat out of place at the Salafist protest in downtown Beirut last weekend. The stunt was set up by Beirut artist and photojournalist Randa Mirza, who wanted to critique […]

This is the kind of abusive scenario involving domestic migrant workers which you hear about all the time, but rarely ever see from behind closed doors. LBC has broadcast an incredibly disturbing video showing a woman who appears to be a domestic migrant worker lying in a bush on the side of the street, moaning and […]

Several Iranian women based in Europe have put together a short video, baring their naked breasts and speaking out against repression. “My nudity is a ‘no’ to political Islam,” one woman says. Another proclaims, “My thoughts, my body, my choice.” The video is meant to promote sales of a Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar. Proceeds will […]

(Photo courtesy of Hussein Baydoun) One Lebanese Tweep claimed on Sunday that the photo above was the most shared image on Facebook following the Salafist protest held in downtown Beirut in support of the Syrian opposition. Three days later, people are still talking about the mystery girl in the bright orange shirt. The guy who […]

(Photo via This story gives the old adage, “cutting off the nose to spite the face” a whole new level of meaning. Egyptian MP Anwar al-Balkimy resigned from parliament and withdrew his party membership on Monday after it was revealed he had lied about being the victim of a robbery-assault, AFP reports. The ultra-conservative […]