Geagea claims he was target of assassination attempt

Samir Geagea said during a press conference on Wednesday that sniper shots fired at his home in the Kesrouan village of Maarab earlier in the day were intended to kill the Lebanese Forces leader (rough day is an understatement y’all).

“We are now facing a new wave of assassinations,” he said during the presser, linking Wednesday’s shooting to the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and the series of assassinations that plagued the country “for 40 years.”

Geagea refused to speculate on who was behind the shooting. According to the LF, 12.7-caliber sniper bullet casings were found after the shooting. Maya Sukar, the LF’s media officer, says the shots were fired 1000 meters (one kilometer) away from Geagea’s home.

I think Lebanese Tweep @FunkyOzzi said it best: “whether you like Samir Geagea or not, if this guy was killed today, [all] hell would’ve broken loose.”

Sometimes the world is a giant wad of awful. But, at least no one got away with murder. I mean that in the literal sense. Fayez Karam did (figuratively) get away with murder this week.

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