A country without bread and circuses

(Photo via crossfitdraper.com)

Bakeries across the country will go on strike April 20 to protest “soaring fuel prices, as well as pay hikes and the rise in the cost of transportation and education fees,” the head of the Union of Bakeries told The Daily Star on Thursday.

This = nightmare.

Unless you despise deliciousness, you cannot possibly hate bread or any of the other god-like creations that come from bakeries.

Dearest Lebanese government, have you ever heard of the “bread and circuses” metaphor?

The leaders of Rome realized that, in order to distract the people from the harsh reality of their lives, all they needed to do was bombard them with food and entertainment.

You’re doing it wrong, Lebanon. The people feel alienated and disenchanted with the current situation. It would be nice to see y’all rise to the occasion and do something about it.

A world without bread and circuses (words interchangeable with Internet and bacon) is a world I don’t want any part in.  Social tumult is our only option.

Do we really knead to go there, Lebanon?

[Rye can’t I stop making puns?! At yeast I tried.]

Ok, I’m done.

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