Berri, the heartless politician?

Speaker Nabih Berri

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Thursday that Speaker Nabih Berri commented on the situation in Syria by asking, “Is Israel not enough of an enemy? Why are we trying to find another enemy on [our] northern border?”

I’d like to see Berri pose that question to the family of Al-Jadeed news cameraman Ali Shaaban, who was gunned down by Syrian forces on Monday while shooting video footage from inside a car on Lebanon’s side of the border, just an innocent guy doing his job.

Is this your idea of recourse, sir? Have you lost the ability to feel empathy – an emotion grounded in the acknowledgement of death and the celebration of life – Mr. Berri?

The handlers of public opinion in this country have done such a good job of creating a divisive political environment defined by “good guys vs. bad guys” that no one sees themselves in other people anymore.

Sad, really.

Colleagues lay down cameras in front of a portrait of Lebanese cameraman Ali Shaaban during his funeral in the southern village of Mayfadun on April 10. (AFP/Mahmoud Zayyat)

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