Month: May 2012

(Photo via Despite our differences, the Lebanese tend to unite around the fact that we love football. So it’s no surprise that when the government announced on Thursday it was banning all spectators from attending the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Qatar, scheduled to happen in Beirut’s Camille Chamoun stadium this weekend, that Lebanese […]

Photo credit to Tweep @FadyMansour for the awesome find. Something tells me this is the most factually accurate t-shirt ever made. Why? Because excellent point that’s why. Also, a small shift in perspective can dramatically change the way we see the world. I must locate and acquire one of these for myself.

(Photo via So I know that in yoga class we’re supposed to be in this uniquely supportive space for inner peace and communal consciousness. But how was I meant to attain a perfect state of well-being and spiritual insight when the obnoxious yogi next to me couldn’t stop farting in class last night? And […]

The body of a man lies on the balcony of a flat following a shootout in the Karakas district of Beirut. (AFP/Anwar Amro) Some disturbing photos have emerged following a deadly shootout in the Karakas district of Beirut which ended early Thursday morning when Lebanese security forces stormed the apartment building where a gunman was […]