Urban Pac-Man: The Hamra Challenge

What could possibly be better than dressing up like your favorite 80’s video game character and running around the streets playing a real life Pac-Man game?

Absolutely nothing.

Only by the magical force of some strange witchcraft have I resisted from imploding after hearing about this awesomeness.

The project is called Urban Pac-Man: The Hamra Challenge.  It’s an initiative launched by the Workshop to experiment with the public’s understanding of urban space.

As the creator of the project, Ahmad “Mac” Makary explains: “The goal is to give people the opportunity to make the city theirs by transforming it into a huge playground and harnessing the knowledge of its spatial elements. The choice was to focus on the social aspect of the game rather than the technological aspect: there is no use of any technological aid (GPS, Chats, Cell phones) each player has a partner running along his side, this allows more team play and an enhanced experience.”

Do you need to know more? No. No you don’t.

Ok here. You can also follow the 8-bit hero that is Urban Pac-Man onTwitter.

One last bit of geeksanity for my Pac-Man lovers:

A perfect score in Pac-Man is 3,333,360 points, which can only be attained by playing a perfect game. This requires catching all four ghosts at every energizer, gobbling down every bonus fruit, and never once losing a life for 256 consectutive levels of play. All extra lives are needed once the split screen is reached to eat the nine dots hidden on the right side of the screen the maximum number of times—they respawn every time a life is lost. This was first achieved by Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida in 1999.

Holy Sh… Amen.


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