Month: May 2012

A screenshot taken from the Anti-Racism Movement’s ad released earlier this week shows a Lebanese woman in blackface. (Photo courtesy So it looks like the Anti-Racism Movement’s effort to raise awareness about discrimination at Lebanese beach clubs has backfired. After receiving a wave of criticism for the group’s approach to the public service announcement […]

Let this be a lesson: When life hands you violent clashes, make music. Heba Rach says she was improvising on the piano earlier this week when an explosive went off near her home in Tripoli. You can hear the audio disruption at around 1:00 into the video above. Despite the disturbance, Rach says she continued […]

Because some beach clubs in Lebanon continue to explicitly ban maids… The good people over at Lebanon’s Anti-Racism Movement have released a new public service announcement reminding us of the widespread discrimination faced by dark-skinned customers (often migrant domestic workers accompanying Lebanese families) at the many private beaches in the country. “We would just like […]

A Lebanese Sunni Muslim gunman sits with his son on Syria Street during fighting in the Bab al-Tebbaneh neighborhood of Tripoli. (AFP/Joseph Eid) An estimated 50 people have been wounded and five people reported dead, including two victims today, in clashes which erupted between rival neighborhoods in the northern city of Tripoli over the weekend. […]

(Photo via In the era of Photoshop, almost anything can be manipulated or fabricated. I checked with our resident graphic design experts at NOW Lebanon, and they’ve promised me this pic is the real deal. It’s a relief to know the public perception of our average Lebanese citizen remains intact. #OnlyinLebanon.

(Photo via Spotted in today’s edition of the Daily Star newspaper, a useless article on manoushe masquerading as actual news. “Lebanese might not agree on much, but for what it’s worth, on manqoushe there is consensus,” writes Stephen Dockery. This article is on par with publishing the inane conversation you had with your girlfriend, […]