Behold: The Humans of Lebanon

We call him “Bou Feris,” he’s the keeper of a scientific center in Ab Elias. (Photo by Karim Sakr, via

A fisherman casting a line off the port in Tripoli, a farmer working the fields in the Bekaa valley, your favorite falafel shop in Bourj Hammoud… this is why we love you, Lebanon.

Joey Hesayne-Ayoub, from the blog Hummus for Thought, has launched “Humans of Lebanon,” his own offshoot of a project that started out as aphotographic census on the streets of New York City.

The concept has spread across the globe, with “Humans of” projects taking shape in places like India, Dublin, Geneva and more.

The idea, Ayoub says, is to celebrate Lebanon’s diversity by capturing the many faces of its inhabitants. “It’s really as simple as that. We hope to expose Lebanese to as many faces and moments as possible, faces and moments they may not ordinarily see with all of our sectarian chaos,” says the blogger.

Heart=warming. I can’t look at these photos without feeling all sorts of pride.

Add your own pics, peeps.

She is over 80-year- old and still works in her small shop to iron clothes and to help her family… She is a Human from Lebanon. (Photo by Krikorian Mher, via


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