Ads warning Egyptians of foreign “spies” pulled from TV

“From the beginning, he knows his mission and target… He will sneak into your hearts as if you’re old friends… You can’t open your heart to everyone you meet…

You don’t know who he is and what he’s hiding. Be careful of what you say. Every word comes with a price. A word can save a nation.”

That’s the message behind a new ad which was pulled from airing on Egyptian state television last week, warning citizens to be cautious around foreigners – who could be undercover spies.

The ad amounts to economic suicide if the country wants any chance of maintaining its lucrative tourism industry post-revolution.

“The ad was removed on Friday night because we were concerned that it was being misunderstood,” Ali Abderrahman, president of public channels Nile Drama and Nile cinema, told AFP.

“We are a country that aspires to raise the number of foreign visitors. The ad will be revised so it does not appear as if it is incitement against foreigners,” Abderrahman added.

And here’s a hefty dose of irony for you: the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) – the military council that’s been running the country since Mubarak stepped down amid nationwide protests last year – has been warning Egyptians that if the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Morsi, wins the presidential election, foreigners will no longer feel comfortable visiting the country.

You’re doing it wrong, military junta.


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