Ten Twitter Do’s and Don’ts Demonstrated by Lebanese Politicians

As far as I’m concerned, social media is a privilege, not a right. Some Lebanese politicians use it, others abuse it. Some of them teach us about tact. And none of them (thankfully) have made the colossal error of telling us about their bowel habits. Below, the do’s and don’ts of Twitter as demonstrated by our incompetent leaders:

1. Don’t attack someone on Twitter if they’re not actually on it.

Big mistake, RiRi. Nothing screams lame like a 140 character jab at someone who can’t respond to you on the same level. Pro-tip: you should also be able to do this kind of thing in person.

2. Do build a Twitter following.

Give the lowly masses a chance. We may try to insult your character or whine about your ineffectual policies, but as a public figure, surely you can appreciate the sentiment.

3. Don’t use Twitter as a tool to announce your party’s boring news.

Here’s looking at you, Doctor G. Take a break from politics. You must have more to say than this.

4. Do write your own Tweets.

Your followers want to read what you have to say, not the forced, superficial words of a self-loathing, unpaid social media intern.

5. Don’t make outrageous claims in your Twitter bio.

It makes you look smug.

6. Do Retweet your followers.

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of satisfaction from people who feel slightly more empowered because you retweeted them.

7. Don’t go for long periods of time without Tweeting.

Twitter achieves absolutely nothing if you don’t post on it regularly.

8. Do Tweet in Arabic, English and French.

Thank you, merci,شكرا

9. Don’t let a parody account be your only presence on Twitter.

Parody accounts are funny, but you’re seriously missing out the opportunity to interact and connect with people. Plus, it’s what all the cool kids are doing.

10. Do use Twitter to support local social activists.

I loathe Gebran Bassil and his faulty partisan politics, but I’ll give him the smallest bit of credit for Retweeting this.


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