Merry Christmas, ladies: according to the UK government, your girlie cannon juice could be dangerous. On Friday, activists will hit the streets of London to stage a massive face-sitting protest in front of UK’s Parliament. The move comes in response to the December 1 announcement that a number of sex acts, including female ejaculation, spanking […]

We live in a state of perpetual fear that outside forces – most recently, perhaps, terrorists from the Islamic State – could potentially tear the country apart and wreak havoc on our very existence. But it’s what’s happening from within the country itself that is the real threat. How else could you explain the aftermath […]

Lebanese pop singer May Hariri threw a drink at the camera and threatened to storm off set during a recent interview with Al-Jadeed TV’s Tammam Baleeq after the host asked whether she used to be a dancer earlier in her career. Let’s not skirt around what he was really saying. When Tammam asked Hariri if […]

30 Seconds to Mars performs at the Byblos Music Festival in Lebanon on July 16. (NOW Lebanon) I liked him better as Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life, but I’d still hella-tap that. And judging from these pictures at the 30 Second to Mars Concert in Byblos on Friday night, so would most of the audience. […]